Anton-Baumgartner-Straße 40, 1230 Wien
opened daily 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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Literature in the café museum

Always an experience in itself.

We find that literature needs space. That is why, together with author Gerhard Loibelsberger, we regularly invite writers to the Café Museum Vienna as part of our author readings. Visit our monthly readings, admission is free. We provide a stage for current works, but also historical literature. These literary hours in the Café Museum are always enriching. There is a book table and after a reading the possibility for conversations and the signing of books. It is recommended to reserve a place. Via Newsletter and Facebook, you will be informed about the next reading at the Café Museum in Vienna. We look forward to meeting you at our literature events!

Unser Lesungs-Newsletter


Marina Watteck

7. August 2017  |   19.30

Clementine Skorpil

17. July 2017  |   19.30

Kurt Palm

26. June 2017  |   19:30 Uhr

Angelika Hager

15. May 2017  |   19:30 Uhr

Robert Musil

18. April 2017  |   19:30 Uhr

Jennifer B. Wind

15. March 2017  |   19:30 Uhr

Ela Angerer

14. February 2017  |   19:30 Uhr

Eva Holzmair

16. January 2017  |   19:30 Uhr